Books at the Bookartbookshop

The Bookartbookshop in Hoxton is beautifully packed with all sorts of delicious books from independent presses and zinesters. I have five of my own poetry and photography books in there: Sofa / Sofa & Bird / There’s a Girl in a Wheelbarrow / Don’t Lie London / All I think I need. These tiny books (photocopied and hand-bound) were created from a collage of typewriter written words and black & white photographs. You may have seen me selling them at the Alternative Press Fairs.


My five little books, £3 each

Books ready to go

all 5 books

Wheelbarrow1 Wheelbarrow2 Wheelbarrow3 Wheelbarrow4

There’s a girl in a wheelbarrow parked outside my door

She’s been there for weeks but I’m not sure what for

I’ve asked her why and would she mind moving

but it’s now been months and she keeps on refusing

So I’ve learnt to live with this strange conclusion and

because she won’t tell me, I refer to her as Susan.


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