Lino Letterpress Book

The lino / letterpress book is very lovely indeed. Very limited edition of 56 only. This one has become a collaborative creation with my partner in Shed Press Publications, Amelie Genestine-Charlton. After I designed it, and printed the lino, and letterpress pages and cover, Amelie has very cleverly worked out the binding technique. Here are a few photos of the process. Better photos to come.

Very simple, satisfying letterpress covers in recycled greeny/black card:

Lino Letterpress pop up book COVER

The covers were hand printed in our flat-bed adana press, like so:

Type in chase

LOTS of cat lino covers

Then on each one of the 6 pages I printed from my hand-engraved lino block, creating the cat circus sea scape.

Lino lined up

line up lino pages

Then a short letterpress summary, and important part of the cat circus to remember was printed on one of the pages in red and silver ink.

lino one

Letterpress line up


Built together like a beautiful star fruit.


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