Story Festival Joy

Shed Press (Amelie and I) had the most glorious weekend at Lismore Castle for the Towers and Tales Story Festival. Adults, children, authors and gruffalos all pitched in for a bit of letterpress printing and book binding.

The castle

Lismore Castle

Amelie bookbinder

Amelie about to book bind the heck out of Ireland

Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh (author extraordinaire) busy binding (almost)

Letterpress bunting

Letterpress bunting no less!

5 x 3 press  Book binding

Letterpress printing covers and hand printed books galore. It was glorious!

Shed Press 1 Shed Press 2

We had a lot of fun. Sunburnt with blue hands. (Ink was blue)

Towers and Tales

There were even books in trees!

It was all very wonderful. Thank you Towers and Tales team!

If you, dear reader, are interested in some book binding hand-printed workshops then please do get in touch: and have a look at my other website with Amelie


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