Fizzing with ideas

Alice Alice Book

Alice, aged 6, with her handmade accordion book

Last week I led book and print making workshops to children at The Lightbox Gallery, in conjunction with The Big Draw and the current Quentin Blake Inside Stories exhibition for Story Week. It was superb. Their brains were fizzing with ideas. They embraced typewriting and using the 5 x 3 adana press and they concluded with some beautifully creative accordion books.

Brilliant books were made with some impressive story lines. A highlight for me was one titled ‘She Just Doesn’t Like The Garden’ by Imogen, aged 8. It was about a horse wanting to be in the bedroom, or the kitchen, anywhere but the garden! It was very funny.

The day was incredibly inspiring in fact. The children came to the class with no particular idea and then suddenly had one and ran with it without question, without hesitation. As they thought out their story they drew it straight onto the page of the book, knowing that this would be the finished book. They were fearless, it was fantastic!

The Sweet Garden Made by Eva

The Sweet Garden, by Eva, aged 5


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