Jardine and Shed Press

Somehow, we did it! We hand-set and hand-printed The Green Children, Martin Newell’s poem, retelling the legend of the green children of Woolpit. On Wednesday, Jamie Dodds and Catherine Dodds of Jardine Press and Amelie Genestine-Charlton and I of Shed Press found ourselves collating and binding the exquisite edition of 250 copies. Jamie and I have printed the edition on his baby Wharfedale printing press (pictured below), each page (all 18 of them) was hand-set and hand-printed in Verona, the cover was cast from a linocut by Jamie, making this a very beautiful book indeed. Jamie’s exhibition James Dodds: Wood to Water opens tomorrow night at Firstsite in Colchester, and we will dance in celebration to Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band. More information on where to buy your own copy (in time for Christmas!) to come. But you can always email me, copies are £25 each (edition of 250 only, signed by Martin Newell)



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