makeready 2nd April 2016

Studio 2016

Welcome to February 2016!

Save the date and bring your best dancing shoes for the opening party of makeready. makeready will be a wonderful collaboration of art, music, film and workshops. Much more than an arts festival, this week long event will kick off Saturday 2nd April 2016 with the private view of the exhibition 4-6pm, then launch party 6-11pm. The week will continue with workshops led by some of the artists exhibiting, film screenings, poetry evenings, talks and performances. The full programme will be confirmed soon. You will be the first to know! But for now, you are booked in for the party, write it down: Saturday 2nd April 2016. makeready will bring together different artistic disciplines and celebrate them with communities. Our first makeready is being held at Attico arts centre in Watford.

(Very important note: a makeready is used in printing when.. (this is my definition).. something isn’t printing evenly, so you get a piece of card or paper and build up the pressure so it prints evenly.)

As well as this, I have been drawing a lot. Drawing women and drawing horses. And drawing women on horses. See the photo above of my beautiful studio where the presses and women are.

(I looked up a better definition of makeready, here you go (thank you ‘If it still won’t print evenly you must learn skills requiring more patience than any part of letterpress you’ve so far tackled. In its crudest form, make-ready involves putting more pressure on the bits that are weak or don’t print at all, thus making the low bits type-high.’ Love that, crudest form definition)

Much more anon.



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