Thank you!

makeready exhibition I

Right, well, hi! Hi and thank you for supporting our first arts festival: makeready. It was awesome! Organising an exhibition of 25 artists is quite a mountain but it was rather joyous too. The opening night was wonderful, there were singers, there were banjo playing singers, there were saxophone players, drummers, art, crafts, film screenings and even cake, and pasta! If you missed it, we might do another, so come to that one. It won’t be in Watford next time though!

Makeready opening John B

It was so super nice to bring together all these artists and musicians I have worked with and admire. I think this is a very important thing to do, to celebrate our various arts in different communities. We had a weeks worth of workshops too, and ended the week with a Spoken Word, Piano playing, Bookbinding night. Thank you artists! Thank you musicians! Thank you Attico! Until next time, thank you!

makeready show JohnB I


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