The Sentinel, this Saturday

First part Woman in a land One part Woman in a Land another part woman in a land

I hope you can join me at The Sentinel Gallery in Wivenhoe, this Saturday the 9th of July, 11am-4pm, for the opening celebration of depth and detail. Above are 3 panels from the 6 panel painting ‘Woman on a Horse in a Landscape’ (480 x 900mm) which will be on show. Below are further details from The Sentinel Gallery.

Terry Curling | Jessica Jane Charleston | Lisa Temple-Cox | Doug Selway

depth & detail

Exhibition opens this Saturday and continues until Sunday 31st July 2016

Terry Curling is an artist working and living in Wivenhoe. Her work is concerned with dark subject matter, it takes the form of pointillist ink drawings from museum specimens and most recently fantastical textile dolls. 

Exhibiting alongside are two box work and assemblage artist’s, Lisa Temple-Cox and Doug Selway. In contrast to Curling’s intense method of drawings are Jessica Jane Charleston’s linear drawings, paintings and prints, most often of nude women in peculiar situations and of landscapes that are no-longer/that never were. 


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