Make some Mud 2017

Happy New Year!

In August last year I started making a new book. I have just finished it. It is called Sunk Sun and I have published it under a new name: Make Mud Press. Make Mud will be where I can make books how I know, with what I have.

Sunk Sun is an edition of 33 only. Signed and numbered. It has been letterpressed and lino printed and hand bound. It consists of two letterpress poems and four lino prints inside and one lino print on the cover. Each book is very different to the other. The covers are different, the inside paper is different. The printing is different.

By different, I mean, hand-made, hand-printed by me, a woman with hands trying to write, draw, print and bind a book by myself. This book was printed on our (Shed Press) Arab Treadle press, pictured below to the left of our Litho press.

I have learnt a lot and I am excited about continuing to make art books under Make Mud. Books are where I want to bring words and pictures together.

Sunk Sun will be available to purchase next Friday 20th of January from the bookartbookshop in Old Street, London. It will be priced at £50.


‘Fertility with Her Eyes Shut’ Lino print 


Contents page: one poem, three prints, one poem, one print


Limited edition of 33 only


‘Smoking in the dark’ – Lino print


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