Art and Words Festival


Early 20th century pot / vessel made in Sudan, Africa

Join us on the weekend of 10 & 11 June 2017 for the ISBN Arts Festival (ISBN very cleverly stands for ‘In Stoke By Nayland’ where the festival will be held. That’s in Suffolk.) Here is the website which tells you all about it: There will be some superb writers there including Deborah Moggach and Richard Mabey. There will be talks and walks celebrating Constable and Gainsborough. And I will be exhibiting some of my arts.

In regard to the drawing above, according to the curator’s note in the British Museum ‘It is often the case in Africa that only males, or post-menopausal females are allowed to make artistic representations of the human form, on pain of loss of natural fertility.’ The physical state of the potter is very important, pregnant women in particular should not make pots! Women whose fertility cannot be compromised by making images are freed from such restrictions. Very fascinating and very strange. Often the way at the BM.


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