Man in Red


‘Man in Red’. I made this drawing with coloured pencil on paper, it is quite small at 300mm x 210mm.

Three exhibitions to see before 2017:

  1. The Drawing Year End of Year Exhibition at The Royal Drawing School
  2. Catherine Goodman’s The Last House in the World at the Marlborough
  3. Rose Wylie’s Horse, Bird, Cat at David Zwirner

Thank you to everyone who joined me for our Open Studios afternoon, it was bloody lovely, and to Olivia Browne for organising the Postkarte exhibition, which is up until the 17th.

Woman, Moon, Man, Horse

I am drawing my hands off at the moment but have made time to salute the Super Moon with these Moon Women collage cards. They have nice titles like ‘Woman in a Dress as Tall as the Moon’. Available in all good bookshops! (Or, in fact, just one: The Open Road Bookshop).

Join us for some art and a disgustingly early mince pie this Sunday 20 November, 1-6pm at Bow Arts, 183 Bow Road, E3 2SJ. (Buzzer no.7)


I also have two artworks in the Postkarte exhibition at the Wivenhoe Bookshop, 3-17 December.


And one more thing, for us Londoners, a couple of my drawings will be on show at Various Guises EP launch next Thursday 24 November:

Thank you for reading.



Here are some ink illustration artworks I made recently for a project. I love the deep blue and black together. I am always trying to bring this imaginative side together with my drawings from life. This is why I am making time to play at The Drawing School.  Come to our Open Studios on the 20th of November and see them in the flesh. A couple of exhibition recommendations for you too: Paula Rego at The Marlborough and Edward Ardizzone and Laura Carlin at The House of Illustration.

Mother and Daughter

It is September and I have started my post-graduate course at The Royal Drawing School. I have never drawn so much in my life. Yesterday I gave a presentation about my work and I showed artworks from my recent exhibition. Below are two. They are both narrow and long and vertical. We were discussing vertical thinking in our life drawing class on Wednesday, where I spent so long looking at light and dark that the naked woman in front of me became as solid as the space around her.

And whilst you’re here – we will be holding a little Christmas (too early to type this word) Open studios afternoon on Sunday 20 November, so please do join us.


Mother and Daughter



Two Women & ‘A Girl With Roses’


Shed Press, lettering, National Print Museum and Ireland

Amelie and I of Shed Press Publications took our annual business trip to Ireland this summer. First stop was Dublin for the National Print Museum to dribble over their stacks of presses including a mighty Wharfdale. Then off we drove in search of Sheela-na-gigs. We ended up stumbling across the Avoca Handweavers (see pictured with new hand-woven blanket and scarf). It’s good to get out and refresh your eyes. Now back in London we are continuing to work on our lino and letterpress book with poet Tony Mitton. Happy Summer, happy inking, everyone.


Jess talk Sentinel

Thank you to everyone who came to The Sentinel last Friday for the artist’s talks. It was a bit of a sweatbox by the end. I talked about how important my sketchbooks are to my ideas and framed works and how I continue to try to bring the freedom of these private books to the artworks included in the exhibition. My ideas are dependent on action, it is in the doing, the drawing, that I find what I want to say.

This show finishes on Sunday. Book your train to Wivenhoe right now.

Also, there is still time to see my work at The Nunnery (pictured below, to the right of the long wearable breasts, yes!) This show continues until the 28th of August and is in east London.

Bow show